Nars Guy Bourdin Collection

So I’ve been lucky enough to pick up a few things from the Nars Guy Bourdin Collection recently, which is completely fabulous. I really wish I could have got some more make up from this collection but unfortunately for me, money doesn’t grow on trees, sigh. Nars do some really groovy limited edition products, so it’s definitely a good idea to snap one up before they sell out!

The first thing I bought was the One Night Stand Cheek Palette. I purchased mine from Sephora for $65.00 USD, and unfortunately they are all sold out. You can bet that there will be plenty of people selling them over eBay or other similar online market places though, so there is still a chance of you snapping one up (for a price of course).



Above: Nars Guy Bourdin Cheek Palette

First off, I can safely say that this is a marvelous palette. If you’re like me and a little bit behind the times in relation to the Nars face powders then this palette is a perfect opportunity to catch up. It comes with 6 different shades (a highlighter, a bronzer and four blushes), 3 of which are iconic Nars, and 3 of which are exclusive to this palette. Of course nearly all of them are completely gorgeous.

Devotee Highlighter: This beautiful highight is a very bright white, with a lovely pearly pink iridescent sheen. Its not a super subtle highlight, but it definitely has a certain level of class to it. No choppy glitter or disco ball effect to be found here! This adds a beautiful glow to the cheeks, inner corners and brow bone, and the versatility of this shade will definitely match all the other blushes in the palette, or anything else you put on your face for that matter.

Mistinguette Blush: A very pretty candy pop pink, this blush leaves a delicate petal flush on the cheeks. The best thing about this matte blush is that it would look equally beautiful on a snow white-esque complexion, tanned beach babes, or lovely ladies of colour. It does look slightly scary in the pan, but is actually very wearable, being beautifully pigmented and blend-able.

Orgasm Blush: This is Nars’ most popular blush, and can someone just tell me what all the fuss is about? It is a pretty peach shade with golden shimmer, but I just find it too hard to work with. The texture is a lot harder than a lot of the other blushes from Nars and I find that when the colour transfers from the pan to the cheeks, its more choppy gold shimmer than anything. Maybe I got a dud one, but I’m not too impressed.

Laguna Bronzer: Nars’ cult bronzer is a lovely mid-toned brown with just a hint of subtle golden shimmer. It is a super versatile colour, working for both contouring and bronzing, and being surprisingly suitable for the fair ladies out there (ie, me). I just wish it was slightly easier to work with. Like with Orgasm, its just a bit too hard in the pan and doesn’t seem to have a lot of colour pay off. Maybe the fact that it can be built up is what makes it so versatile.

Deep Throat Blush: Now THIS my friends, is a blush worth the hype. As soon as I tried this blush I just knew we would be lifelong friends; her pretty glowing peach tint looked like a dream on my cheeks and we’ve barely been parted a day since. In all seriousness though, this colour is beautiful! A pretty peach shade, with a very subtle golden glow, Deep Throat is a slightly less intense, more wearable, better quality, version of orgasm. The powder is really pigmented, and blends on amazingly, and the shade is versatile and perfect for everyday wear. Thankfully this blush is part of the permanent collection, so if you couldn’t get your hands on this palette then you need to go purchase it separately, pronto!

Goulue Blush: This darker plummy shade is a little bit more dramatic than the other blushes in the palette. It has a subtle golden sheen very similar to Deep Throat, and would be a great blush to wear with a neutral eye, bringing a lot of attention to the cheeks. Its also great for adding a little extra pop of colour to the apples of the cheek.



Above: from top to bottom: Devotee, Mistinguette, Orgasm, Laguna, Deep Throat, Goulue.

If you’d like to check out the other Guy Bourdin cheek palette, Splendor in the Grass, it’s still readily available here.

Another more recent purchase was the Voyeur Larger Than Life Eyeliner Set.


Above: Voyeur Larger Than Life Eyeliner Set

I was really in need of some pencil eyeliners and I thought that this set was quite good value. It comes with five mini Larger Than Life Eyeliner Pencils and a cute little satin cosmetics case, which always comes in handy.

The five shades are:

Via Veneto: Blackest black.

Santa Monica Blvd: Stark white.

Via Appia: Coppery brown with a hint of shimmer.

Blue Dahlia: A pretty blue indigo.

Most Wanted: Purple violet.


Above: Larger Than Life Eyeliner Pencils in: Most Wanted, Via Appia, Via Veneto, Blue Dahlia and Santa Monica Blvd.Image

Above: From top to bottom: Most Wanted, Santa Monica Blvd, Via Veneto, Blue Dahlia and Via Appia.

There’s a nice variety of colours in the set, and ‘Blue Dahlia’ and ‘Most Wanted’ are limited edition shades exclusive to the Guy Bourdin Collection. I love that these liners wind up, its so convenient and stops you running to find a sharpener every 5 minutes.

I bought this set from Thailand for the equivalent of about $52 AUD, which I think is great value. If you live in Australia and want to purchase the Voyeur Larger Than Life Eyeliner Set you can do so here. They retail for about $72 AUD.

The last purchase I made from the Guy Bourdin Collection was the Cinematic Lipstick in the shade Full Frontal.



Above: Cinematic Lipstick in Full Frontal.

Full Frontal is described as Rose Violet shade, and is extremely pretty. It’s quite a statement colour, but is still very wearable, and I love the retro feel the lipstick gives.This is only the second Nars lipstick I’ve owned (my other one is Dolce Vita, which is gorgeous!) and I will definitely be purchasing more because they are a great product. They are very creamy and subtly shiny, and last quite a while which I find surprising due to the consistency.


If you want to purchase one of the Cinematic Lipsticks you can find them here for $39.00 AUD.

So there’s a quick review of the things I’ve purchased from the Guy Bourdin Collection. I would also love to get the Cinematic eyeshadow in the shade Cambodia! It looks completely gorgeous!

Thanks for reading, see you soon xx

Nars Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil

So I’ve recently purchased this Nars Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in the shade ‘Baroque’ and I am completely loving it! The formula of these pencils is gorgeous; shiny without being sticky, or looking too overdone. They look really pretty and glowing on the lip.

IMG_6416      IMG_6410Above: Nars Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in ‘Baroque’. $39.99 (apologies for how blunt the pencil is, I can’t find a sharpener big enough for it currently, so will probably have to purchase a Nars one soon)

The shade Baroque (described as a ‘Bold Raspberry Sorbet’) is a medium to dark berry shade. It has nice pigmentation, but is not so opaque as to appear dramatic. For me, this is definitely a shade to wear out somewhere nice, with just enough sparkle to add a touch of glamour to an evening look. I’ve noticed that the finish is also not particularly long wearing, so is perhaps not as practical for a day at work, for example.


The quality of these pencils are beautiful, although they aren’t a wind up crayon, which I find a bit of a hassle. I feel like you lose a lot of product when you sharpen which is not something you want with a product that is quite pricey. That being said, I do really love that its in the pencil form as it makes it easier to apply.

These pencils retail at about $39.00AUD, and can be purchased within Australia from here. For our lucky friends in the States they can be purchased online from the Nars Website, where you can pick one up for around $25.00USD. I do think that these products are a little overpriced in Australia, so if you get a chance to pick one up overseas or find one cheaper online, then that would be a great option.

Let me know what you think about these pencils, or any other great products that you’ve tried lately in the comment below. Until next time xx

My Top 5 Essential MAC Eye Shadows


There is such a myriad of colours and finishes to choose from in the MAC range so it can be kind of hard to decide on some basic starter shadows. Make-up is expensive and you really want to find the right shades so you can get a lot of use out of what you buy. When I started buying shadows from MAC it took me a REALLY long time to eventually decide on which ones I wanted. So here are the 5 shades that I use literally everyday and that have become complete essentials for my make-up routine. Like, top 5 take to a deserted island with me essentials.

1. Soft Brown (Matte)
This shade is completely essential as a transition colour in the crease. I use this about 99 out of 100 times I do my make-up! Its a, (you’ve got it!) soft brown shade, that looks subtle, but really makes a difference to the blending out process.

2. Naked Lunch (Frost)
This frosty champagne colour is an amazing all over lid shade. It is super versatile and works with anything, from just some tinted moisturiser and a slick of mascara, to a full evening look. So pretty!

3. Texture (Velvet)
This is a caramel coloured shadow that looks very faintly sparkly in the pan. It doesn’t translate to the skin at all though and adds a lot of warmth to the eye, which I love. I use it warm up and deepen the crease. It adds a bit of depth and dimension without being too dramatic.

4. Saddle (Matte)
To me this beautiful warm brown is the perfect crease shade. Its a mid tone brown which can be built up to darken the colour if necessary. I love using Naked Lunch all over the lid and then layering Texture and Saddle in this crease. Add some winged liner and red lipstick and hey presto! Perfection has arrived on your face.

5. Wedge (Matte)
This is an essential blending shade for all the colours used underneath the eye. It works for both neutrals and brights and diffuses the shadow in the under eye area so there’s no choppiness or Avril Lavigne liner situations goin’ on. It also works as a nice transition shade with cooler toned eye shadows.

So there you go! These shades aren’t necessarily the most exciting, but if you have them in your collection, you can use them to make almost any other shades look fabulous.

Please comment and let me know what your favourite/essential MAC shades are! Or any brand for that matter, I would love to hear some opinions!

Until next time xx

-Stila in the Light Palette! Review, Swatches and Comments-


So I wanted to kick things off by doing a little review of the ‘In the Light’ Palette by Stila, Yayy! This palette has been long awaited for me and when it arrived in the post this morning I couldn’t wait to get in there and do a review :) Stila has four eyeshadow palettes in this series: ‘In the Garden’, ‘In the Know’, ‘In the Moment’ and, of course, ‘In the Light’. They are all made up of different shadow formulas and colour schemes. This palette is made up of ten neutral eye shadows, four matte and six shimmer, and also comes with a Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in the shade Damsel. The palette itself is made out of muted gold cardboard and has a lid that flips open with a mirror on the inside. It also comes with a small step-by-step look book which contains six different looks that can be created with the palette.


Above: Stila In the Light Palette

May I first say that the colours in this palette are so beautiful! Although neutral, there are a heap of different looks that can be achieved through using these shades, from everyday make-up to going out looks. The majority of the shadows seem to be really nice quality, and for the most part, very smooth and pigmented.

Matte Shadows

The matte shades are surprisingly soft and blend-able and could be used very lightly or really built up for a dramatic effect.

Bare, the lightest shade, is surprisingly pigmented and very soft. It would make a lovely highlight, or blending shade for a subtle look. Bliss, which is a neutral matte brown (almost identical to MAC’s Soft Brown, except slightly cooler in tone) would make a perfect transition colour for the crease, as well as being a great blending shade. Sandstone, a dark cool brown, is a great colour for the outer v or lower crease. It is not quite as soft and buttery as some of the other shades, but still workable. We are then left with Ebony which is, of course, a matte black. Its very black in the pan but translates to an extremely dark grey on the skin, although I’m sure that this could be built up to a true black. Like the other matte shades it is also very soft and easy to work with.


Top Row, Left to Right: Bare, Kitten, Bliss, Sunset, Sandstone. Bottom Row, Left to Right: Bubbly, Gilded Gold, Luster, Night Sky, Ebony.

Shimmery Shades

The Shimmer shades in this palette are the true stand outs, they are utterly beautiful! Kitten, Stila’s cult eye shadow shade is a beautiful champagne colour that just happens to be the most pigmented shadow on earth. I am not kidding, all you need to do is lightly touch the surface of this shadow and you will get so much colour pay off. It’s extremely shimmery and so buttery to use. I love it! Sunset is a pretty, chocolatey bronze shimmer. It is also quite pigmented, though not so much as Kitten. It would make a beautiful all over lid colour, or liner underneath the eye but is also dark enough to used in the outer v of the lid. I would also be really nice to warm up the crease. We also have Bubbly, which is extremely beautiful. It is a bright sunny gold, and is crazy pigmented as well! Quite possibly my favourite in the palette, it’s very very smooth and a little goes a long way.

The next colour is Gilded Gold, which is a medium chocolate brown with gold shimmer. This is a really disappointing shade, definitely the worst of the bunch. The colour pay off is awful and the shadow itself is very hard. I was rubbing at the pan for ages trying to get a decent swatch and even then I could barely get any more than the lightest brown to show up on my hand. I don’t really see how this colour would be use-able at all really. We then have Luster, which is a deep brown grey with bronze shimmer. This is quite a soft shadow, although a little powdery to use. It is quite dark and would therefore make a dramatic crease or outer v shade. The last shadow we have is the shade Night Sky. This a beautiful dark grey-blue with silver shimmer. It is quite pigmented and very pretty. It would actually make a beautiful colour for a smokey eye, not too bright but definitely more exciting than your average greys and blacks.


Swatches, from Left to Right: Bare, Kitten, Bliss, Sunset, Sandstone, Bubbly, Gilded Gold, Luster, Night Sky, Ebony, Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Damsel.

Pros: The shadows are nearly all good quality and very pretty. The shimmer shades such as Kitten, Bubbly, Sunset and Night Sky are gorgeous, and unique, and would honestly think it is worthwhile buying the palette for these shades alone. I also like that it is possible to create lots of complete looks from this palette alone, without having to take different shadows from elsewhere.

Cons: A lot of the matte shades are fairly standard colours across the board and not too exciting. There is also the genuinely bad quality of the Gilded Gold Shade. As well as this, the Smudge Stick in the palette I received is broken and wont wind up, which is annoying.

Overall I would say that this palette is a worthwhile buy and would be a nice addition to ones make-up collection. It would also be a great option for someone just starting out in make-up as it does contain a lot of essential shades that are easy to work with.

I live in Australia where cosmetics and beauty products are very expensive to buy, so I purchased my Stila Palette from an online retailer called Beauty Bay ( for about $42 Australian Dollars. It usuallt takes about 2 weeks for them to arrive from the UK. If you want to buy them in Australia they are available from Mecca Cosmetica for about $62 Australian Dollars.

Budding Writer

Hello Everyone!

Wow, my first entry to the blogging world. I feel a little self conscious!

I’ll start off with a little bit about myself. I am redhairedallure, I’m twenty  years old and I love all things beauty related, specifically make-up. Make-up is a form of artistic self expression and I love that it can transform or simply enhance the natural beauty tht everyone has within themselves. I love trying out different make-up and beauty products.

I’m also a huge fan of coffee and delicious food. I work as a Barista and I love being in my little coffee infused place and creating delicious beverages for people to enjoy. The smell if coffee is the best part about my job! And also the freebies…

My other interests include riding my red dutch style bike for ice-cream or to buy flowers at the local growers market. She’s completely beautiful, and I love the feeling of freedom I have when I’m riding a bike. Its an amazing feeling of independence at getting somewhere by your own strength as opposed to just driving a car.

Basically the point of my blog is to talk about the things that I love, and to talk to people who appreciate and share those loves. I think that freedom of speech is so important in our day and age, even if the things we are saying don’t necessarily seem ground-breaking. Every little bit counts :)